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Plant Growth Facilities Policies Manual 2019

The Plant Growth Facilities greenhouses and growth chambers, serve the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resources Sciences and affiliated USDA programs as the primary controlled environment space for research and teaching projects.  The Plant Growth facilities are comprised of over 49,000 sq. feet of greenhouse space and 65 climate controlled growth chambers. Facilities date back to the 1960’s with the newest additions being completed in 1998 (Wheat Research Greenhouses), 2007 (Horticulture Instructional Greenhouses), and 2015 (Small Grains Research Greenhouses).

Map of Greenhouses

WPS and GH Safety Trainings

Worker Protection Standard and Greenhouse Safety Trainings are currently taking place.  If training is needed, please click on the “New Employees WPS” or “Yearly WPS Recertification” links to the side and fill out the form.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.