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Safety & Training

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Worker Protection Standard Training and Plant Growth Facility Greenhouse Orientation


Please note that we only offer training to individuals that work in The Plant Growth Facilities.  If you only work in USDA greenhouses or at a field site you will need to contact the facilities manager of that specific site to schedule a training through them.


Training is held in the Wheat Research Greenhouses in room G7 on the main floor.     Map of Greenhouses


We offer WPS training and PGF Safety and Orientation classes every month.  Please have all employees sign up through the New Employee or Yearly Re-certification links.

All people with paid positions who spend time working in the greenhouses must receive training before they can begin work in any greenhouse that has been sprayed with pesticides within the last 30 days; this includes time-slip, classified staff, administrative professional, graduate student, and faculty employees of WSU.  Federal Law requires all employees to complete WPS training once every year.

If an employee has a current pesticide applicators license they are exempt from having to take WPS training as long as they have gone through at least one greenhouse safety and orientation training.

The oral presentation is supplemented by an EPA approved video on greenhouse safety. The purpose of WPS training is to minimize the risk of pesticide-related illness or injury. Topics include general safety, rights of employees to information about safety, and responsibilities of management to protect the safety of those who work in the greenhouse.

The training session also includes a Plant Growth Facilities orientation and tour to acquaint users with our system. Topics include an introduction to the PGF staff, information on materials such as pots, media and other supplies provided to users, procedures for disposing of used potting media, the importance of sanitation, our notification and posting procedures for pesticide applications, and locations of safety information and equipment such as Safety Data Sheets, eye washes, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Discussion and questions are encouraged. The combined WPS training and orientation session usually lasts about one hour with a short tour after.